Basuki, much more than a great restaurant in Bilbao

Basuki Dining Room
Basuki Dining Room

Basuki is defined as a space for social gastronomy. It combines fine cuisine with magnificent wines, an excellent cocktail bar, art, music and culture.


According to Juan Bautista Ágreda, executive chef of the Bilbao Berria Group, to which the restaurant belongs, "it is a proposal with a rogue touch so that the customer is surprised, plays and gets into the Basuki philosophy. A dynamic menu, designed for sharing and trying at least four or five dishes". In addition to the menu, among other proposals, Basuki offers, from Tuesday to Thursday, a very interesting 'Lunch Tasting Menu' comprising six carefully selected dishes, plus desserts, at a very competitive price.


Flavours from five continents

De Basuki, located in the heart of Bilbao's nineteenth-century Ensanche, is surprising for its careful definition of space. The old bare stone wall contains absolutely modern furniture, lighting and tableware. This concept is a declaration of principles.

Basuki goes beyond the art of good food. Its cuisine stands out for a menu in which classic dishes from the most traditional recipes are reinvented with haute cuisine techniques that are fused with flavours from all continents.

The fundamental pillar of Basuki's cuisine is the quality product worked with care and love to preserve its purest flavours. It is a well-travelled and fun cuisine. Pure flavours with details, sauces and nuances that leave no one indifferent.

Coctelería del Basuki
Basuki's cocktail bar

Basuki has earned a prominent place among Bilbao's cocktail bars. Its classic proposals are complemented with daring molecular cocktails. "We want to bring a well-established tradition to cities like New York or Tokyo: that of pairing cocktails with tapas and dishes. Our cocktail offer has been conceived not as a stand-alone product, but as part of a whole with the culinary proposals on the menu", they assure us.

Basuki is, above all, an open space to the city. It favours and facilitates the development of cultural and leisure activities. It offers a regular multidisciplinary cultural programme, theatre scenes, exhibitions, ephemeral installations or soloists that will enrich the experience of the friends of the house, who are all those who pass through its door.

For all these reasons, Basuki is much more than just a great restaurant. Check it out.



Juan de Ajuriaguerra 14,    48009, Bilbao

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