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This Christmas Lottery advert, filmed in Elizondo, Navarre

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Elizondo is a small town in the Baztan Valley in Navarre and the location chosen this year for the filming of the famous Christmas Lottery advert. The advert was filmed in October in less than a week and the few people who knew it was being filmed had to sign a confidentiality document.

It was filmed in October in about five days, during which streets were cut off and the daily lives of the 3,000 people who live there were disrupted, and the few who knew what was going on had to sign a confidentiality document.

In this Navarrese town they already know the tourist benefits of appearing in the audiovisual media. The series La Trilogía del Baztán (Netflix) based on the books by Dolores Redondo was filmed here and many people visit it asking about the scenes of the series.

The agency Contrapunto BBDO sent a hundred people to the village, including technicians and actors who pretended to be the inhabitants.


Elizondo is the meeting point for the inhabitants of the Baztan valley and a place for festivals and celebrations

Elizondo, capital of Baztan

The administrative, legal and cultural capital of the Baztan Valley, the town of Elizondo is its neuralgic and commercial centre, bringing together almost half of its total population in its tidy streets and houses, and often serving as a meeting point for all the people of Baztan, both at fairs, markets, cultural events and festivals in general.

It is undoubtedly the most urban of the 15 villages, the one that has left its rural origins behind, although its neighbourhoods of Beartzun, Berro, Etxaide and Antzanborda conserve the charm of the traditional life of its people.

Valle del Baztán

Baztan, the Switzerland of Navarre

Located in the north of Navarre, at the western start of the Pyrenees mountain range, the Baztan Valley is widely appreciated for its idyllic landscape, its green mantle dotted with villages and farmhouses, the mildness of its climate, its gastronomy, and its age-old importance as a historical and cultural enclave.

Cradle of the millenary Basque language, land of artisans, agotes, indianos, stately palaces, noblemen, adventurers and smugglers, the so-called Switzerland of Navarre is home to natural treasures such as extensive beech forests, steep crests, intricate ravines, crystal-clear streams, prehistoric resorts, prehistoric stations and hidden corners of the region, prehistoric resorts and delightful corners such as the secluded little valleys of Aritzakun and Urritzate, indifferent to the passing of time under the shadow of the sentinel Alkaxuri, a slender pyramid that someone called the most beautiful peak in the Basque Country.

Baztán Tourism Office

Plaza de los Fueros  31700 Elizondo.

Teléfono: 948 58 15 17