Portada 101 cuadro bueno
Last number: 101

Late-night special in Euskadi

The best and most relaxing summer terraces, from Bilbao to Biarritz, for when the sun starts to set.

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Portada 100 rectangulo
Number: 100

Our 100th issue

We are celebrating 100 editions and 25 years of life.

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Diseño sin título - 1
Number: 99

Fashion in the hotels of the Pays Basque

We attended a photo shoot for the magazine Côte Basque Madame at the Châteu Brindos in Anglet.

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Portada 98 recuadrada
Number: 98

Tourism influencer

What do they think of Euskadi? What is the best and worst thing about their work?

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Portada 97 encuadrada
Number: 97

Raquel Balencia returns to her origins

Interview with the Basque haute couture model and designer.

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Number: 96

Pasaia Itsas Festibala

The festival of the Basque coast.

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Number: 95

Balenciaga. The elegance of the hat

Special, unrepetitive and magnetic, can be seen until 8 May in his Museum of Getaria.

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Number: 94

Basques in America

We started a journey of 20,000 km. to learn about the history and present of our ancestors, from Terranova to Tierra del Fuego.

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