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Since 1998 showing our visitors the best that we have to offer

BasqueMagazine, the first local media exclusively dedicated to promoting tourism, is the best showcase for what this land has to offer in terms of leisure, gastronomy, commerce, culture, fashion, business activity, traditions, etc.

And our daily effort is to look after, update and expand this showcase, in its different media (printed and digital) so that it continues to be the most attractive and useful for our clients and sponsors.

BasqueMagazine is a private, local and innovative business initiative which, by focusing on a quality product, offers the best image of Euskadi, La Rioja, Navarre, Pays Basque and Bearn, among those who visit us and among locals and professionals in the sector.

In the summer of 1998, after much effort and several months of testing, the first copies of the recently created printed magazine Gipuzkoa Tour reached the rooms of 3, 4 and 5 star hotels in Donostia-San Sebastian and Gipuzkoa. And our challenge was to convince our first advertisers that tourists could be an additional source of income for their companies. That we could be the link between visitors and local initiatives.

And the adventure worked out well. Since then, we have published different headers in paper version in Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa, Cantabria, Alava, La Rioja, Navarre and Pays Basque.

Currently, we publish a quarterly print edition of BasqueMagazine, a fortnightly digital edition or newsletter for more than 2,000 professionals in the sector, we manage tourism content on social networks and we update this digital platform, www.basquemagazine.com, with new content in 4 languages on a daily basis.

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