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Category of art through the best professionals in fashion and gastronomy. A gala dinner made it possible. 10 chefs created a menu inspired by the outfits of 10 Basque-French designers to promote the region's fashion and gastronomy internationally.

Two of the Basque Country's most flourishing industries merged on 24 June at the new edition of the internationally renowned Cook & Fashion event. The main purpose of the gala has always been to promote the region through some of the greatest talents in both disciplines.

The location for the event was the emblematic Hotel Maria Cristina in San Sebastian, a Luxury Collection hotel with a long history - this year it celebrated its 109th anniversary. Icon and emblem of the Basque city, it was the habitual residence of prominent personalities of the 20th century royalty and aristocracy. Today it is one of the most important cultural and film landmarks.

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The evening's menu, one of the key parts of the event, was created by 10 chefs, including 7 Michelin stars: Diego Guerrero (2), Fabian Feldman, Aitor Arregui, Gorka Txapartegui, Dani López and Rubén Trincado.

The dessert, spiced chocolate textures, one of the most special moments of the evening, was prepared by the chef of the Hotel Maria Cristina, Jesús Caballero, inspired by an exclusive design from Cristóbal Balenciaga's private collection which was exhibited for the first time in public at the fashion show where the creations of the most promising designers from the Basque Country and the French Basque Country were shown beforehand with designs made exclusively for the gala. Among them Anelore & Le Réve & Nicolas Ouchenir, Petro Valverde, Eñaut Barruetabeña, Eder Aurre, Studio Betolaza, Isabel Zapardiez, Iraia Oiartzabal, Alicia Rueda and Amagoia Etxeberria.

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Two vital needs, elevated to the category of art through the best professionals in fashion and gastronomy

In the words of the hotel's new director, Borja García, "gastronomy and fashion have always been very present in the hotel's history. Not in vain, the Maria Cristina was chosen by Coco Chanel as the setting for her fashion shows during the golden years of the Belle Epoque, and every year it houses the creations of the best international designers who walk the red carpet at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. The hotel also has a close relationship with the world of haute cuisine through collaborations with chefs of the stature of Francis Paniego or with MIMO Bite The Experience, which has one of the most renowned cooking schools in the Basque Country in the hotel building and the best gastronomic tours of San Sebastian, which are highly appreciated by our guests".

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