Madonna dances to songs in Basque on her current tour


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The queen of pop sang the song 'Birjina gaztetto bat zegoen', a Basque religious song, during her concerts in Paris during her international tour 'The Celebration Tour', in which she reviews her 40-year career. And it's not the first time he has used Basque in his live performances... NG


The American singer has once again made a nod to the Basque language during her concerts in Paris by introducing a Basque religious song in one of her performances. Birjina gaztetto bat zegoen' is the song that Madonna has used to continue her idyll with the Basque language.

The origin of the song 'Birjina gaztetto bat zegoen' dates back to 1895, when it was compiled by the French composer Charles Bordes. It was published in the book Cent Chansons populaires basques of the series Archives de la tradition basque, in 1895. During her concert in Paris, Madonna covers herself and the people around her with a hooded colobium, imitating a religious ritual, while the song 'Birjina gaztetto bat zegoen' plays in the background.

The stage was covered with religious crosses to give even more realism to the "ritual" and to start the real song, Like A Prayer.


Madonna and basque language

This is not the first time that the queen of pop has included Basque or Basque culture in her concerts. In 2012, the Basque musical group "Kalakan" made up of Jamixel Bereau, Xan Errotabehere and Pierre Sangla was present at the MDNA Tour. On that occasion, the Basque musical group had the opportunity to sing fragments of their song 'Sagarra Jo' in the version of 'Open your hearts' during the concert.

In addition, they were also able to sing in the intro of 'Girl gone will', with the same song (Birjina Gaztetto bat zegoen) that the singer from Michigan has used this time for her concerts in Paris to perform 'Listen To A Prayer'.

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