A city made for running

Corriendo en el paseo de la concha
Corriendo en el paseo de la concha

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The Behobia-San Sebastián, the Clásica and the Marathon, the season’s major running events are the great races that you can sign up for in San Sebastian; which are made at the edge of the sea and on pedestrian streets.

San Sebastian is a perfect city for running. Apart from the fabulously long sea-front promenade, there are plenty of quiet pedestrian streets that allow tourists to explore the city while out for a run. A great place for lovers of outdoor running, this sustainable city makes it possible to enjoy sport and exercise in beautiful surroundings such as the Concha beach, the Wind-comb and the riverside walks.

Running is very popular in San Sebastian and numerous races are held for native and visiting runners in the city throughout the year. Participation in the races is excellent with many outsiders travelling to take part in the most popular ones.

Corredora tras terminar carrera al borde del mar

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San Sebastian and enjoy

landscapes at the edge of the sea


15 kms. The Classic, held in October. This is an obligatory event on any running enthusiast’s sports’ calendar. With 5,000 annual participants, the route features many of the city’s best sights.

The Behovia-San Sebastián. Mid-November. 25,000 take part in what is one of Europe’s most exciting annual running events. Thousands of cheering spectators line the route of this 50-year-old 20 km race which features a spectacular race to the finishing line in the centre of San Sebastian.

The San Sebastian Marathon. At the end of November. As many as 5,000 runners take part in this sea-level city marathon, a running challenge featuring a route through one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

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