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After the grape harvest and while waiting to taste the new vintage, we bring as a proposal a basic vocabulary to understand and put into practice a wine tasting. Produced by D.O. Vinos de Navarra.


In the world of wine there are quite a few technical terms used that are beyond the general knowledge of the uneducated. Familiarising yourself with some concepts helps you to understand more about wine and, expanding your vocabulary gives you a powerful tool with which to name the wines you are tasting.

1. Terroir: refers to a specific location that has defined and specific geological and geographical characteristics that identify the wines of that area.

2. Maridaje: the combination of wine and food to enhance both flavours.

3. Posgusto: the sensations that remain after tasting a wine, both in the throat and in the nose.

4. Equilibrado: the wine is harmonised, there is no one characteristic that stands out above another.

5. Complejo: it presents a great amplitude in the mouth, both aromatic and gustatory, which means that the wine has a multitude of nuances, often linked to the ageing of the wine.

6. Redondo: when tasted, it is balanced in the four basic flavours (sweet, salty, bitter and acid).

7. Sedoso: smooth on the palate.

8. Limpio: the wine has no unpleasant or unidentifiable flavours.

9. Tanino: Tannins are present in the grapes themselves and also in the ageing barrels. The wine can acquire a certain astringency, i.e. a certain dryness is perceived on the palate.

10. Picado: when a wine has a sour or vinegary taste.

In addition to all this, remember the most important thing: enjoy tasting wines in company or with yourself.

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