Pamplona becomes the epicentre of avant-garde culture


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This week, the Pamplona Meetings 72-22 bring interviews, concerts, dialogues, round tables, performances and a children's show to the Pamplona auditorium, the main venue for this international meeting of culture, art and thought that tackles the challenges of the contemporary world. Until 18 October.

After a busy start to the Pamplona Meetings 72-22, this week Baluarte continues to be the nerve centre of this important international festival that brings together leading international thinkers and artists in the city.

Throughout the week, the Baluarte is a place to feel, breathe and talk about culture, art and thought. From Monday to Sunday, a large part of the programme will take place in the Pamplona auditorium: specifically, the agenda includes sixteen events of these Encounters organised by the Government of Navarre; 16 proposals that will bring the public closer to subjects such as Music and its contemporary meaning, The drift of Europe, the Exodus, art and memory, and freedom.


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