San Sebastián, fashion scene


The exhibition of Kubo Kutxa, curated by Miren Arzalluz Loroño (director of the Palais Galliera -Fashion Museum of Paris-), presents more than a hundred digitized and retouched photographs of the photographic background of Fototeka Kutxa, being many of them the first time they will be shown to the public.


Fashion was a fundamental factor in the emergence of San Sebastian as an international leisure and socialization center in the first decades of the 20th century, when the Basque Coast or Côte Basque was being defined as a tourist territory.

The photographs are accompanied by a selection of audiovisual documents of the time provided by the Basque Film Library, which somehow allow to give life to the still images on display.


Fototeka Kutxa

This immense archive, created in 1972, houses a collection of 1.5 million images and objects. His journey began with the acquisition of the funds of two shops in San Sebastian: Photo Carte (later called Fotocar) and Foto Marín, photographers Ricardo Martín and Pascual Marín, respectively.

From tuesday to sunday: 12:00-14:00 | 16:00-20:00

Free admission

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