Getariako Txakolina: First stop, Aia


This Sunday 10 April sees the return of a very important event for the Getariako Txakolina denomination of origin: the Txakoli Days, or Txakoli Egunak. The first will take place in Aia, where 10 wineries will be present.

After two years without holding the traditional Txakolin Egunak, they return with great enthusiasm to celebrate what has become a popular gastronomic festival, combining the tasting of Getariako Txakolina with local products.

The txakoli days or Txakolin Egunak are held in different towns with a txakolin tradition. In the Txakoli Eguna of Aia, this Sunday 10th April, 10 wineries will participate, offering 600 bottles of Txakoli: Aizpurua, Ameztoi, Arbela, Arregi, Basa-Lore, Hiruzta, K5, Katxiña, Talai Berri and Zudugarai.

As well as tasting txakoli, those attending will be able to enjoy beef from the Basque Country, roasted on the burduntzi (charcoal-grilled). Joxean Harategia butchers from Zizurkil and Musturinea Harategia from Villabona will help in the preparation of the pintxos.

A round that you are sure to enjoy a lot!

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