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Presentación de AKTIBATU en Altzo.

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Professionals in the tourism and sustainability sector will meet in Altzo (Gipuzkoa) on March 13 at the 11th edition of the conference on nature tourism and sustainability, AKTIBATU 2024.


Sheep grazing in Goierri.
Sheep grazing in Goierri.

The presentation of the event was attended by Azahara Domínguez, Deputy of Mobility, Tourism and Territorial Planning, Olatz Ilarregi, head of Tourism of Tolosaldea Garatzen, and Ekaitz Zubeltzu, manager of the tourism consultancy Bizibiziki, the company organizing the conference.

Ekaitz Zubeltzu explained the details of the full program of lectures that will address different issues related to tourism management in natural and rural areas.

"In the first block of the morning, several examples linked to visitor management and information points in natural areas will be presented. The second thematic block, on the other hand, will focus on the challenges faced by nature destination managers in terms of tourism mobility.

Pastoreando en el Goierri

Subsequently, two projects related to the monitoring of destinations will be presented, providing keys to understand the importance of control and monitoring of tourism activity by managers of natural areas.

To conclude the day, there will be a working session where participants, divided into groups, will conduct a workshop on the reality of tourist mobility in the region of Tolosaldea. Through the exercises that will be proposed, the work will focus on proposing some solutions to the future challenges of the county."

Gipuzkoa has a lot to offer

For her part, Azahara Domínguez stated that "from the Department of Mobility, Tourism and Territorial Planning we are working to ensure that the tourism industry in Gipuzkoa is a sustainable economic activity. In order to achieve this, we need, first of all, to deseasonalize and delocalize the activity, because only in this way will we ensure that the wealth generated by this sector is distributed in a balanced and equitable manner throughout the territory. In Gipuzkoa we have a lot to offer. We are not only talking about the beach or the mountains, we are also talking about gastronomy, culture, urban and natural landscapes, history, tradition... All of this defines us as Gipuzkoas and distinguishes us from other destinations in our surroundings. And that is what we want to make known. But to do this we need to attract a tourist interested in discovering us in depth, who is respectful of our traditions, our culture, our environment and, of course, our people."

And he added: "And if we talk about sustainable tourism, we cannot forget that from the Department of Mobility, Tourism and Territorial Planning we have in Lurraldebus a first class ally to promote sustainable mobility, also, among those who visit us".

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