The Piquillo Pepper from Lodosa, the “red gold” of Navarre

Pimientos emplatados
Pimientos emplatados

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This gourmet vegetable has become one of the most important preserves in the agri-food industry in Navarre. Reyno Gourmet.

Piquillo peppers are produced in the municipalities of Lodosa, Andosilla, Azagra, Cárcar, Lerín, Mendavia, San Adrián and Sartaguda, located in the south-west of the Autonomous Community of Navarre. The maximum quality of this vegetable is recognised by the European Union through the award of the Denomination of Origin and the demanding traceability requirements that this entails.

To avoid possible confusion for the consumer, the Regulatory Body has a system to identify the authentic Piquillos de Lodosa and, in this way, a back label with an exclusive numbering, the logo of the DO and the inclusion of the word 'Lodosa' are the three requirements that make it possible for buyers to have the maximum guarantees at the moment of purchase.

Why is it called 'piquillo'? The characteristic name of the product is not due, as many people mistakenly believe, to the fact that it stings, as it is a sweet pepper, but to the shape of its slightly curved, incisive beak.

How to prepare them? Their gastronomic versatility can be expressed in recipes such as beef tartare and Lodosa Piquillo peppers; Lodosa Piquillo peppers stuffed with Russian salad; Lodosa Piquillo peppers stuffed with anchovies; cod with confit Lodosa Piquillo peppers and pil pil sauce; or caramelised Lodosa Piquillo peppers, ricotta and oregano toast, among others.

What are the keys to success in their preparation? It is essential and characteristic that they are roasted over a flame and peeled, cored and the seeds are removed completely by hand, one by one and without coming into contact with water, in order to maintain one hundred percent of their characteristic flavour. The process ends with a selection, classification and packaging in tins and specific jars for the different categories.

Pimientos emplatados

Its name is not because it

stings, but because of its

beak sheap incised and

slightly curved it possesses

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