Gipuzkoa’s fashion dressed the stars of the Zinemaldia

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The firms have participated in up to 40 looks through garments, accessories and jewellery. Of the 40 brands that applied for the project and after analysis by the official Zinemaldia stylists, 16 were shortlisted.

Brands such as SKFK, Joyería Munoa, Soñarte by nire ametsak, Gorka Cintero, Raquel Balencia, Manuela Va de Fiesta, Sister Sister, Talisman Jewellery, Laza Clothing and Sastrería Aldabaldetreku have been the Basque firms selected in the seventh edition of the project "Dressing the stars of Zinemaldia", whereby actors and actresses, as well as presenters and directors of the galas have worn fashion 'made in the Basque Country' in their public appearances.

The Councillor for Culture, Goizane Álvarez, pointed out that, "from the Department of Culture we join in the commitment to give visibility to the local fashion sector. Fashion is a dual form of cultural expression, on the one hand, from the point of view of the creator and what he wants to transmit with his clothes, and on the other hand, from the point of view of the person who wears them and his way of communicating".

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In this 71st edition of the festival, actors, actresses, directors and producers have worn Basque fashion, including the director of Zinelamldi Jose Luis Rebordinos, the presenter Eva Hache, the actress and presenter Cayetana Guillem Cuervo, the model and actress Cristina Maissonave, Nerea Arriaga from the documentary "Erraiak", the actress and presenter Maitane Salinas, the actor Jon Plazaola and the actresses Nerea Barros, Aitziber Garmendia, Natalia Verbeque, Oihana Maritorena, Ane Gabarain and Loreto Mauleon.

For Álvarez, this project is "strategic" because it supports local fashion firms by recognising their creativity and good work. In addition, it is an opportunity to make these firms known outside our territory, so that, thanks to this initiative, "Gipuzkoa is positioned as the capital of Basque fashion", he said, to then ensure that "we are making a very important and decisive commitment to this sector because fashion, like cinema, is a very important cultural industry and that is how we understand it in the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa", he explained.

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