High attendance at Alava’s museums this summer

Álava Fine Arts Museum
Álava Fine Arts Museum

More than 22,000 people visited the museums of the Foral Museum Network in July and August. The Foral Museum Network, comprising the BIBAT, Fine Arts, Natural Sciences, Armoury and the La Hoya and Iruña-Veleia archaeological sites, once again enjoyed magnificent visitor figures in July and August.


These figures are similar to 2019 where there were just over 23,000 visits and slightly lower than last summer's tourist boom with almost 27,000 visits. The situation is similar for the Cathedral of Santa María with 21,500 visitors, compared to 20,900 in 2019 and 22,000 last year. Sala Amárica and the Museum of Sacred Art are the only ones to exceed the number of visits in 2021, while the Torre de los Varona has had similar figures to other years.

Other museum-elements

The Cathedral of Santa María has had similar visitor figures this summer, with the year 2022 standing between 2021 and 2019. Specifically, there were 21,579 visitors, all of them on guided tours, compared to 22,088 in 2021 and 20,898 in 2019. By month, this year there were 9,346 in July and 12,233 in August.

As for the Torre de los Varona, there were 1,360 visitors. In 2019 were 1,451, and in 2021 1,439. Specifically, this year there were 639 in July and 721 in August.

The Museum of Sacred Art was visited by 6,931 people in 2022, 2,471 in July and 4,460 in August. Together with the Sala Amárica, these are the only two museum elements that exceeded the figures for 2021 in terms of visits. Specifically, in 2021, this Museum was visited by 6,869 people. However, in 2019, just before the pandemic, it had 9,077 visits.

As for the Sala Amárica, it had 956 visits this summer. The current Chema Madoz exhibition has had a lot to do with this. Last summer there were 322 and in 2019 were 259. Specifically, this year there were 567 in July and 389 in August.

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