“This Christmas I ask for Bilbao. Ask for the Christmas you want”

Official poster.
Official poster.

Under the slogan "This Christmas I ASK FOR BILBAO: Order the Christmas you want in Bilbao", the City Council is launching a new campaign to encourage consumption during these special dates with the aim of supporting the retail, hotel and catering, culture and leisure sectors.

Bilbao City Council is launching this campaign whose main objective is to promote consumption in the city over the Christmas period as a measure to support the retail, hotel and catering, culture and leisure sectors. This initiative comes after the different aid programmes and vouchers, among others, promoted by the City Council together with the different political groups with municipal representation to combat and tackle the crisis produced by the COVID within the so-called #BilbaoAurrera special plans.

The aim now is to continue with new lines of support that will turn the town into an attractive place at Christmas time as well. A city where you can shop in the different shops, enjoy restaurants, bars and hotels in general, cultural and leisure activities... at a time when, in addition, the #BilbaoGabonak project is launched with special actions for all ages.

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The slogan chosen is "This Christmas I ASK FOR BILBAO: Ask for the Christmas you want in Bilbao", with which the aim is to invite and raise awareness among all citizens to consume and shop in the city and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere where the different establishments are an essential part of life in Bilbao.

The campaign, which starts now, will last until January, and through images, outdoor posters, radio spots and TV commercials, digital media/networks... will be aimed at the citizens of Bilbao and Bizkaia, as well as the public in nearby areas such as Araba, Gipuzkoa, Cantabria, Burgos, Logroño, Navarre and even Iparralde.

In this sense, the aim is to have an impact on the local environment and to reach a wider geographical area, to reach people who live up to an hour and a half away by transport, so that they come to the city to consume and enjoy themselves before and/or during Christmas. "THIS CHRISTMAS I ASK FOR BILBAO" is also endorsed by the trade association Bilbao Dendak.

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