Reyno Gourmet, the best of what is ours, the best of Navarre

Pimientos del Piquillo
Pimientos del Piquillo

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Reyno Gourmet is a brand created in 2007 by the Government of Navarre that covers quality-certified agri-food products from the region.

Reyno Gourmet brings together under the same umbrella around 2,440 references from 108 companies, which include the Reyno Gourmet brand logo on their labels, a symbol of differentiation and guarantee of quality.

The Promotion and Marketing area of the Navarre Institute of Agri-Food Technologies and Infrastructures (INTIA) is responsible for the promotion and dynamisation of the products of the different quality designations as well as the Reyno Gourmet brand.

Pimientos del Piquillo
Piquillo peppers

Protected Designations of Origin

Piquillo peppers from Lodosa

Navarrese olive oil

Roncal cheese

Idiazabal cheese

Navarre Wine

Rioja D.O.C. wine


Protected Geographical Indications

Asparagus from Navarre

Artichoke from Tudela

Veal from Navarre

Lamb from Navarre

Pacharán from Navarre

Other Quality Certifications

Artisan Food

Integrated Production

Organic Production

References BRC, IFS , Globalgap

Espárragos de Navarra

Reyno Gourmet is

synonym of quality

of the products of the

Navarrese market garden

You can't lose:

A journey to the gourmet heart of Navarre

Travelling around Navarre in search of its best products is an exciting adventure, in which we find an enormous diversity of landscapes and cultures. The 8 Designations of Origin, 6 Protected Geographical Indications and 4 different Quality Certifications are largely responsible for the fact that Navarre is known by gastronomy lovers as Reyno Gourmet.

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