San Sebastian and Biarritz, a joint commitment to tourism promotion

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Donostia San Sebastián Turismoa and Biarritz Tourisme have worked together to achieve a shared objective: to join forces to promote tourism in two great destinations, under a single tourist brand that projects them more attractively towards the foreign market, helping them to reach new audiences and to deseasonalise visits.

The tourism entities of San Sebastian and Biarritz have been working for months on a collaboration and a joint tourism promotion strategy to unite two cities with many features in common, under a single tourism brand, adding strengths and reaching new audiences. The first actions will be launched on 14 July, with the launch of the new tourism brand "San Sebastian - Biarritz - Two cities, one destination". In addition, a direct bus will be launched to link the two cities in 60 minutes, and a joint website will be created under the domain

The aim is to jointly promote the two cities in the long term, broadening the international target public and encouraging deseasonalisation. The Councillor for Sustainable Tourism in San Sebastian, Cristina Lagé, stated that "this is a project we have been working on for 6 months. It aims to reach a Northern European and Asian public, who can enjoy our destination outside the high season. It also offers the local public a common destination that manages to lengthen the average stay, with a more varied offer, highlighting the cultural, social and economic movement and exchange of two sister cities". These are two internationally recognised tourist destinations less than an hour apart.

The tourism promotion will be aimed at experiential travellers looking for cultural destinations, with a high quality of life, sporting experiences, wellness, gastronomy, premium services...

The initiative is sponsored by the Association of Hotel and Catering Businesses of Gipuzkoa, the Hotel Association of Gipuzkoa and San Sebastian Shops, and has the support of Basquetour.


"San Sebastian-Biarritz. Two cities, one destination"

"We are an atypical destination. Despite being in two different countries, we have a culture and a way of enjoying the pleasures of life, which, with their nuances, are very similar. In a world that continues to build borders, we offer the most demanding travellers the opportunity to get to know the two sides of the same coin. Two cities that are international references in gastronomy, surfing or history, only 50 kms apart. Two cities more united than ever to surprise lovers of the good life with a great experience for all 5 senses. Which would not be complete if you only visited San Sebastian or only Biarritz".

Under this common narrative, plans to do in both destinations are proposed, highlighting their proximity and complementarity, for a complete experience.

Autobús San Sebastián - Biarritz
San Sebastián - Biarritz bus

Express bus San Sebastian - Biarritz

A direct bus will connect San Sebastian - Biarritz every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 14th July to 31st August.

Practical information

Duration: 60 minutes.

Timetable: Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. 14 July - 31 August.

Departures from Biarritz: 9h, 11h, 13h, 15h, 17h, 19h.

Departures from San Sebastian: 10h, 12h, 14h, 16h, 18h, 20h.


San Sebastián: Bus station. Federico García Lorca, 1.

Biarritz: 17 Avenue Charles Floquet Car park.

Prices: Adult 10€, under 16s 5€, 0-2 years free.

Points of sale:

San Sebastian Tourist Office and Biarritz Tourist Office.

You can't lose:

Desfile de Kutxa Kultur Moda en Chillida-Leku. © Santiago Farizano

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On 12 September, Chillida Leku became, for a few hours, the great fashion catwalk of Gipuzkoa, thanks to Kutxa Kultur Moda, the programme of Kutxa Fundazioa.

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