10 Keys to discover the Natural Park of Bertiz


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This spring, nothing better than getting lost in a natural space composed of lush deciduous forests, streams and frequent fog. Know the 10 keys to discover Bertiz, the spectacular Natural Park of Navarre.

1. In the cantabrian valleys

They are characterized by their Atlantic climate, with abundant rainfall and mild temperatures. This determines a very particular landscape, with lush deciduous forests, streams and frequent fogs, interspersed with pastures and crops dotted with beautiful traditional architecture.

2. A tale

"Fly over Bertiz with us" is the title of a story about the life of the park of great interest for the little ones. Martín, Urubi, Busti, Zuri, Urdín, Kulunka and Sai are a group of birds that live in Bertiz, and whose adventures can be experienced in this book that can be downloaded from the park's website.

3. Cedar

Next to the parking lot stands the "Cedro de Bértiz", an impressive tree of the species Cedrus libani A. Richard, which is about 31 m. high and has a circumference of 5.02 m. at chest height.

4. Mermaids on the way to the sea

In these forests shrouded in fog since time immemorial, which poured the waters into the Bidasoa River "on the way to the sea", is where it is said that the lamias or mermaids, protectors of the Valley, used to live.

Parque Natural de Bertiz
Bertiz Natural Park

5. Beeches 3,000 years old

The mixed beech forest has been the predominant forest for more than 3,000 years, which has survived in Bértiz, constituting in this place as one of the best samples found in Navarra and southern Europe.

6. Waterfalls

The humidity that envelops the beech forests slides down its surface giving rise to an assortment of streams and small waterfalls of clear and singing waters, which compose with the beech forest that frames them a picture of unparalleled beauty.

7. Interpretation Centre

It is located in the village of Tenientetxea and provides knowledge and understanding of the natural values of the Park.

Centro de interpretación
Interpretation Centre

8. A palace

Former residence of Mr. Pedro Ciga and Mrs. Dorotea Fernández, it is today a place for conferences, exhibitions, meetings and training activities.

9. Tourist office

The Rural Tourism Center, located outside the Park, provides general information about the area, tourist routes, gastronomy, hospitality, culture, popular festivals and any other information about the Cantabrian Valleys.

10. Guided tours

So that individuals and groups know part of the variety (more than 100 species) of the Garden of Bertiz. Also, the history of this unique place.


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