Sagardo Astea arrives at the Igartubeiti Farmhouse Museum

sagardo astea

Do you want to see the Igartubeiti Farmhouse Museum as you have never seen it before? The only opportunity of the year to see the Igartubeiti wine press in action is here: the Sagardoastea, with dramatised visits and a kirikoketa exhibition!

From 8 to 14 October you can visit the Igartubeiti Farmhouse Museum and enjoy the experience of seeing the Igartubeiti wine press in operation.

Available dates: 8, 9 and 12 October at 12:00h. Prior registration is required to attend, places are limited until full capacity is reached.

In addition, dramatised visits on the 8th, 9th and 12th at 11:15h and the Kirikoketa exhibition, on the same days, at 12:00h.



Outside the Sagardo Astea, the Igartubeiti Farmhouse Museum continues to organise experiences for the month of October.

Workshops for families. After discovering the sustainability of the farmhouses, creation of a case in the shape of an apple, the most valuable fruit for the Igartubeiti Farmhouse, using textile waste from Irizar. 22 October at 16:30h.

Workshops for adults. Reflection from a different perspective on fashion, one of the biggest sources of pollution. Sustainability actions that can be carried out on a daily basis will be analysed and, afterwards, with the waste fabric from the Irizar company, a cider bottle will be made, a bag for transporting the elixir from the cider press farmhouses. 23 October at 11:30h.

Igartubeiti Farmhouse Museum
Igartubeiti Farmhouse Museum

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