Tolosa, traditional markets and Idiazabal cheese


In the heart of Gipuzkoa, a great labyrinth of grass and green mountains is home to the purest essence of Basque culture, its customs and its language, the Basque language. Among its narrow and captivating valleys we find countless unique corners with a rural and authentic aroma where you can caress sheep, exchange impressions with the baserritarras and get your hands dirty making bread or cheese. And tasting it!

Ongi etorri to this little green paradise. On the way from Tolosa to the Aralar Natural Park we can enjoy the essence of inland Gipuzkoa in its purest form. Starting in Tolosa, capital of Gipuzkoa in the 19th century, where its palaces and ancestral homes accompany us to its famous Plaza del Tinglado. Here, every Saturday there is a lively market of local produce, where baserritarras offer their seasonal gems, one of the secrets of Gipuzkoa's gastronomy.


And in addition to its cultural agenda (with the Carnival as its greatest exponent), Tolosa stands out for its magnificent gastronomy: beans (its star product), txuletas (the rotisserie was "invented" here), chilli peppers (the "Ibarra prawns") and confectionery (its "Tejas y Cigarrillos" are famous) capture the palate of the visitor and, of course, of the locals.


If we continue to be guided by our gastronomic passion, in the Goierri area and if it falls on a Wednesday, we can find the Ordizia Market, whose origins date back to the 11th-12th century, which brings together sellers of agricultural and livestock products from all over the region. Moreover, if you have ever heard of Idiazabal cheese or if you are passionate about this product, you could not be in a better place.

And if, in the midst of all this gastronomic enjoyment, you still need more contact with nature, the Aralar Natural Park and its summit, the Txindoki, are just a stone's throw away. Strolling through the park, you will come across horses and sheep, mountaineers and hikers who wave to each other and the clouds pass by. Meanwhile, we let ourselves be amazed by the light that makes the 1,331-metre-high peak of Txindoki, which represents the most recognisable image of the Gipuzkoan mountains, even more impressive.

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