Discover the Castles and Towers of Alava!

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Breathe in history and culture with the Cultural Heritage of Alava with its Towers and Castles. Through this video by Álava Turismo, you will be able to see these proposals to rediscover the territory through its heritage.

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Portilla Castle

Portilla is one of the most important defensive towns in the expansion of the kingdom of Navarre at the beginning of the 11th century, guarded by its imposing rock castle and protected by great walls. The intramural town of Portilla perfectly reflects the social pyramid in feudal times, represented by its castle, church and hamlet.

Zambrana Town Council offers a guided tour service to the Monumental Ensemble of Portilla, consisting of the old settlement and its castle. On request, this historic site can be visited in a guided and professional manner.

Portilla Castle
Portilla Castle

Guevara Castle

In the municipality of Barrundia, on a hill next to the village of Gebara, stand the remains of this castle, which was built in the 10th century and rebuilt in the 15th century.

Some three hundred metres north of the village of Gebara, on the southern slope of the hill where the castle of the same name stands, is the Torre Palacio de los Guevara (Palace Tower of the Guevaras).

It was originally a complex made up of four square towers joined together by rooms. Today only one of the towers and some walls of two others remain standing, as well as part of the walls of the intermediate constructions.

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