The Hidden Treasures of Ignatian Earth

The Antigua
The Antigua

In 1522, after a process of reflection and spiritual conversion, Ignacio of Loyola began his new life journey with a pilgrimage that took him from his home in Loyola to, as fate would have it, Manresa in the province of Barcelona.

Thus, he unintentionally created the great pilgrimage route that 500 years later pilgrims, travellers and tourists from many parts of the world follow, the Ignatian Way.

Starting point

The region of Urola Erdia, and the neighbouring regions of Urola Garaia and Debagoiena, in the interior of the province of Gipuzkoa, currently make up an important destination for cultural and religious tourism christened Tierra Ignaciana, whose proposal is based on the figure of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and the enormous historical, artistic-cultural and religious heritage of his time, the 16th century, also known as the Basque Golden Century.

Route of the Three Temples

A 45km route linking the Sanctuary of Loyola with the Hermitage of La Antigua, and the latter with the Sanctuary of Aránzazu. This route, apart from its artistic richness and its spiritual and religious significance, recreates the first two stages of the pilgrimage made by Ignatius of Loyola 500 years ago.

Loyola Sanctuary
Loyola Sanctuary
Aránzazu Sanctuary
Aránzazu Sanctuary

Apart from the obligatory visit to the Three Temples, there are other thematic routes designed by the tourist managers, which propose an immersion in the figure of Saint Ignatius and in the modus vivendi of the 16th century.

The best way not to miss out on the richness of Tierra Ignaciana is to let yourself be guided by the many professional guides specialised in heritage, history and nature, who offer tailor-made tours and personalised visits. They are also responsible for publicising the various proposals programmed by the destination's tourism managers, whose work has been recognised by the European Commission: in 2017 Tierra Ignaciana was awarded the EDEN (European Destinations of Excellence) prize for sustainability and excellence in the management of cultural tourism destinations.

Tierra Ignaciana Tourist Offices

Loiola: T. 943 15 18 78

La Antigua: T. 943 72 20 42

Arantzazu: T. 943 71 89 11

You can't lose:

“Progressing. Looking to the future from the 19th century” in Koldo Mitxelena

This interesting exhibition of photographs by José Brunet can be seen at the Koldo Mitxelena in San Sebastián until 3 September. The visitor will be able to observe each image as an open window with a direct view of that period, a real time tunnel.

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