The “new” Antigua shows off its interpretation centre

Inside of La Antigua
Inside of La Antigua

Forty minutes from San Sebastian, in the town of Zumarraga, is the hermitage of La Antigua, Cathedral of Hermitages, surrounded by a forest of thousand-year-old holm oaks. Located in the highest part of the town, from the slopes of Mount Beloki (641 m.) it overlooks a splendid natural landscape dotted with white farmhouses on green meadows where cows and calves graze.

To enhance the value of this unique space, there is an interpretation centre in the surrounding area and a scenic route that allows visitors to Zumárraga to get to know both the hermitage and its surroundings better.

Interpretation Centre

The building is located a few metres from the hermitage of La Antigua and has a bar-restaurant, exhibition and conference spaces and a room that houses the tourist office of the region. The permanent exhibition offers a journey through the history of Zumárraga.

Centro de Interpretación de La Antigua
La Antigua Interpretation Centre

The Urola train car

One of the most striking parts is the one dedicated to the importance of the railway in the history of Zumárraga. This space is presided over by a replica of a carriage of the Urola railway, which will make you feel like a traveller of the time.

Réplica de un vagón
Replica of a railway carriage


The Bidebide bar-restaurant has a kitchen open all day and serves set menus, mixed dishes and pintxos, both inside and on the terrace. Menus can also be arranged for all kinds of celebrations.

A walk through a unique natural environment

Designed as an extension of the hermitage and what is known in its Interpretation Centre, a scenic route has been set up that starts next to the church. It allows the visitor to combine nature with the historical past, while walking through the four areas associated with the identity of Zumárraga (the Urola train, the industrial past, the Antigua hermitage and the basket-making past).

Recorrido paisajístico Antigua-Beloki
Antigua-Beloki landscape route

Tourist Office

In addition to providing information on the region's tourist resources, the office has an area dedicated exclusively to the Tierra Ignaciana project and the Ignatian Way, as well as a space for the sale of local products.

Oficina de Turismo
Tourist Office

The Ignatian Way

Taking advantage of their stay in the area, visitors can get to know the Tierra Ignaciana and follow the Route of the Three Temples, where, in addition to La Antigua, they can admire the Sanctuary of San Ignacio de Loiola in Azpeitia and the Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de Aranzazu in Oñati, enjoying the landscape of the Urola Valley and Alto Deba.

The Tierra Ignaciana project was the winner of the European Tourism Award EDEN 2017 (European Destinations of Excellence), a recognition awarded to those initiatives that draw attention to the value and diversity of the regions of Europe and publicise emerging destinations with sustainable tourism initiatives, such as the Ignatian Way, ending the first stage in Zumarraga.

Urola Garaia Tourist Office

Antiguako Bidea s/n - 20700 Zumarraga

T.: 943 72 20 42

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