Basque technology in the World Surfing League in swimming pools

World Surfing League (WSL)
World Surfing League (WSL)

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The World Surf League (WSL) will hold for the first time an official competition in a wave park. It will be at the URBNSURF in Melbourne on 10 December, which features the Basque Wavegarden Cove technology.

Wavegarden's wave generation technology will become the first to host an official World Surf League (WSL) championship, which will be held on 10 December at the URBNSURF wave park in Melbourne, Australia. Opened in 2020, this is the first surf park in Australia, where the company from Guipuzcoa built a 160-metre artificial lagoon with its Wavegarden Cove technology.

Now, the lagoon will hold a QS 1000 (qualification series) of the World Surf League, something that means, according to the company, "a paradigm shift in the world of surfing competitions, something unthinkable a few years ago". Although it has never been part of the world surfing circuit, URBNSURF hosts surfing events throughout the year, such as the Rip Curl national finals.

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And it's not just the Melbourne park. "Already in 2015, Red Bull Unleashed pitted some of the best surfers from around the globe against each other at Surf Snowdonia in Wales, which features our technology; in early November 2022, the second edition of the international Alaïa Open Winter Cup was held at the Wavegarden in the Swiss Alps; Wave Park, the Wavegarden in South Korea, has created its own <Surf League>; The Wave Bristol, in England, is the venue for the English Adaptive Surfing Open; and Praia da Grama, in Brazil, annually hosts the national final of the Rip Curl Grom Search", the Gipuzkoa-based company stresses.

Revolutionary technologies

Technologies such as Wavegarden's revolutionise the world of competition by altering the conditions under which competitions have been held to date, offering, according to the company, "new scenarios for competitors, spectators and even sponsors. Long waiting times are avoided and the risk of cancellation is eliminated, allowing the possibility of a clearly defined operating schedule. This not only benefits competitors and spectators, but also sponsors, as it makes it possible to organise television broadcasts in advance".

They also add that "the consistency of the waves eliminates the luck factor that affects so much in the championships of the sea, so that all competitors will have the same conditions and identical opportunities". Its wave menu is currently "the most varied on the market", with more than 20 different waves for all levels. "It is a software that is constantly evolving and the variety of waves that can be generated is infinite," they conclude.

In order to promote innovation among Basque companies, from SMEs to large companies, the SPRI Group has various programmes and grants for innovation such as Hazinnova, BDHI Konexio or Innobideak.

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