Côte Basque Madame – BasqueMagazine, a powerful alliance


Following the recently established collaboration agreement between the publishing companies of the publications Côte Basque Madame and BasqueMagazine, from now on more than 3 million local inhabitants and the millions of people who visit us every year, for tourism or business, will be suitably informed about what is happening in the Basque Country, on both sides of the Bidasoa. A border that no longer exists for us.


The aim is clear: to show visitors and locals the best we have to offer (leisure, culture, fashion, gastronomy, decoration, traditions, events...). To do this we will use our print and digital publications, as well as our social networks, which, from now on, will share editorial and advertising content from both territories.

We are two local companies, 100% private, that know our territories and our people well, that maintain similar editorial lines, backed by more than 32 years of experience in communication and promotion of the territory.

We understand that exchanges stimulate ideas and projects multiply. We want our pages to be mutually enriched with content of interest from both sides of the Bidasoa. We understand that this collaboration can be the beginning of a great alliance that will make us the first private communication group in the sector, from Las Landas to Cantabria.

Sébastien Minvielle and José Antonio Otxoteko.


Print editions

Both publications, Côte Basque Madame and BasqueMagazine, publish 4 issues a year. Spring, summer, autumn and winter, with similar publication dates, except for the winter edition (CBM comes out in December and BMZ in January).

  • Similar contents. Leisure, plans, tourism, culture, gastronomy, events, etc. In short, the best recommendations to enjoy every quarter of The Good Life for locals and visitors from both sides of the Bidasoa.
  • BMZ is aimed mainly at visitors and, to a lesser extent, at locals, while CBM is a publication aimed at the inhabitants of the three territories of the Pays Basque (Lapurdi, Nafarroa Beherea and Zuberoa) and, to a lesser extent, at those who visit them.
  • Similar distribution. Free of charge in 4 and 5* hotels and on sale mainly in newsagents' kiosks. CBM, as it is aimed at a more local public, is also distributed in shops, tennis and golf clubs, bars, thalassotherapy and beauty centres, events, restaurants, art galleries, delicatessen-gourmet spaces, etc. in the Basque Country.

Digital editions

  • We publish two websites every day with up-to-date news on the sector. The CBM website is in French and the BMZ website is in Spanish, French, English and Basque. More than 470.000 visits last year between the two websites. cotebasquemadame.fr and www.basquemagazine.com
  • We publish monthly digital magazines/newsletters for professionals in the leisure/tourism sector, by subscription via our respective websites. More than 3,200 recipients with opening rates of more than 26% rely on us to keep them informed about the sector.

Social media

  • We started our collaboration on social networks by sharing four monthly publications with each other on Instagram and Facebook. This reinforces and broadens the dissemination of our content on the other side of the Bidasoa.
  • In addition, with the shared publications that we are managing for the coming months, both the audience of Côte Basque Madame and BasqueMagazine will be able to see the same content simultaneously: the same publication will reach two audiences, which results in greater dissemination and reception of the content.

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