Fancy discovering Balenciaga’s haute couture techniques?


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The programme of courses on Haute Couture techniques, which the Museum has been promoting for several years, aims to disseminate the values and, above all, the techniques of Cristóbal Balenciaga adapted to the current context of fashion. Open calls for 2023.


Intensive practical training courses given by highly qualified professionals that take place entirely in the museum and provide participants with total immersion in the Balenciaga universe. And new online training formulas made possible by digital tools.

The programme offers three different itineraries: tailoring techniques, fantasy and embroidery. And different levels of in-depth training that allow gradual training in the acquisition of the proposed technical skills, with an estimated total dedication of 200 hours.


These intensive practical training courses, which take place entirely in the museum, provide participants with a total immersion in the Balenciaga universe

The Balenciaga Museum promotes, through different lines of action, an educational programme of documentation and technical transmission, aimed not only at highlighting the immaterial aspects of the couturier's know-how, but also at making this knowledge available to a new generation of fashion professionals.

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