Retrospective of the painter José Antonio Sistiaga at Kubo Kutxa

Sin Título, José Antonio Sistiaga. 1981
Sin Título, José Antonio Sistiaga. 1981

Kubo Kutxa opens 2022 with a major retrospective of the painter José Antonio Sistiaga, one of the most important living artists in the Basque Country. A member of the legendary Gaur Group, his artistic career has always had a very personal character, where colour and freedom of gesture have always been very evident. Until 22 May.

This anthology, as well as constituting an essential review of Sistiaga's work, pursues the fundamental objective of giving visibility and highlighting the work and career of great artists from Gipuzkoa, the main objective of Kutxa Fundazioa.

De rerum natura

The work of Jose Antonio Sistiaga (1932, Donostia/San Sebastián) has been shown in various solo and group exhibitions. His work is extensive and varied and his contribution to the history of contemporary Basque art (painting, drawing, film) is well known, and is not easily exhausted. He is a key figure because of his involvement in the movement for the renewal of artistic forms in the Basque Country, which led to the creation of the GAUR group in 1965. The intention of this exhibition is not, therefore, to reveal this polymorphous nature of Sistiaga's work, nor the artist's anchoring in the Basque context of the 1960s-70s.

José Antonio Sistiaga. Naturaleza crepuscular, 1975.
José Antonio Sistiaga. Naturaleza crepuscular, 1975.

De rerum natura, the title of the exhibition, reveals the true intention of this exhibition. It is in fact the title of a work by the Roman poet Lucretius (1st century BC), who rejected the existence of divinity and defended the idea that there is nothing in the universe but matter, and that it is infinite. Thus, through more than 100 pieces, the aim is to show the permanence of José Antonio Sistiaga's concern for nature, with which he maintains a romantic link, inspired by its beauty and strength. He seeks to go beyond the purely visual perception of the world to bring to the pictorial medium, to drawing or film, the instability and evolution of what surrounds us, and which our senses perceive to varying degrees.


Kursaal Building

Zurriola Hiribidea, 1. 20002, Donostia-San Sebastián

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