Julián house in Tolosa, the temple of the steak


For the American magazine Forbes there is no doubt: the best T-bone steak on the planet is that of Casa Julián. And tasting it on the Toulouse grill is an experience in itself.

Interior de Casa Julián
Interior of Julian's house

We are talking about a steakhouse located in an old warehouse from the 1950s whose decoration has hardly changed in recent decades and which maintains the flavour of the old, the authentic and the traditional like few others.

At Casa Julián there is no need for aesthetic flourishes, avant-garde decorations or trendy gastronomic additions. All that is left at the restaurant's door. Inside, the true and only protagonist is the good meat, the ox steak.


The beginnings, with a tilted grill

Casa Julián started out as a rather special fruit shop. Julián would give away glass socks for the purchase of two bags of oranges and also offered, next to the establishment, ham sandwiches with vermouth, on Sundays when there was dancing in the small meadow.

His taste for asados began thanks to a friend who had travelled to the Americas and introduced him to Argentinian asados. From then on, Julián began to investigate and carry out tests until he found the inclined grill with rods that we can find today in the best steakhouses.


What started out as a fruit shop has now become a world reference for the best grilled meat

Such was his success that he ended up setting up the Casa Julián steakhouse in 1954 and a few years later he replaced the veal chop with beef, becoming the first steakhouse of its kind.

Before retiring, he wanted to convince Matías Gorrochategui, a friend of his, to follow in his footsteps. Matías accepted the proposal and since then he has been running Casa Julián for more than thirty years, grilling steaks in one of the true gastronomic temples of Basque cuisine. And his three sons continue the tradition...

Matias Gorrotxategi junto a su parrilla
Matias Gorrotxategi next to his grill

Julián House in Tolosa

Calle de Sta Klara, 6, 20400- Tolosa (Gipuzkoa)

T.: 943 671 417

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