Visiting Gipuzkoa with children


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There are lots of things that make Gipuzkoa a great family destination. You can fit a lot into a short time. There’s so much to enjoy: diverse scenery, a thousand-year-old culture and amazing food.

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Dive into the sea

San Sebastian boasts one of the most modern aquariums in Europe. Popular attractions include an amazing 360º acrylic tunnel through shark and giant manta-infested waters, and a pool where children can touch and pet the fish.

Aquarium, tunnel with a shark
Aquarium, tunnel with a shark

Learning with nature

Aimed at families with children aged 0 to 12, Ekogunea is an educational nature centre full of trees, animals, play areas, and a small farmhouse made with natural materials.

Experimenting with science

At Eureka! you can learn about science and have fun at the same time. Apart from exploring the museum’s permanent 169 experiment spaces, visitors can visit different ecosystems, see the different animals and learn about the importance of conserving nature in the Animalia section.

Eureka, Animalia section

Visit Gipuzkoa with the little ones of the house thanks to all  the places where you can enjoy and learn

Go potholing for a day

Visit the Arditurri Mines in Aia Natural Park and see what cavers get up to. The excellent lighting and sound effects create such a magical atmosphere that visiting the cave is like travelling through time.


Located in the town of Tolosa, The International Puppet Centre (Topic) is the only musuem of its kind in Europe. It’s a wonderful place, full of imagination, innovation and originality.

Mines of Arditurri
Mines of Arditurri
Topic puppet, Tolosa
Topic puppet, Tolosa

Skate to the rhythm of the music

The Txuri-Urdin ice-rink is a San Sebastian classic. Thousands of children have dreamt of becoming skaters at this much-loved attraction.

The Basque Railway Museum

Located in the town of Azpeitia, the Basque Railway Museum boasts one of the best railway collections in Europe. Visitors can see steam, diesel and electric locomotives, as well as all kinds of carriages and wagons.


Free Tours around Donostia


Plaza de Carlos Blasco Imaz, 1 (San Sebastián)


Carretera Rekalde - Hernani, s/n (GI-2132, KM 2) (San Sebastián)

Eureka Museum

Paseo Mikeletegi, 43 (San Sebastián)

Aia Natural Park

Arditurri Bidea, 3 (Ergoien)


Plaza Euskal Herria (Tolosa)

Txuri - Urdin

Paseo de Anoeta, 24 (San Sebastián)

The Basque Railway Museum

Calle Julián Elorza, 8 (Azpeitia)

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Varona Tower

This summer, visit the Varona Tower

The origin of this tower, considered by historian Micaela Portilla to be “the best preserved fortified complex in Alava”, dates back to the end of the 14th or beginning of the 15th century.

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