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Boulandier bookshop
Boulandier bookshop

In addition to the flea market held on Sunday mornings in Bilbao's Plaza Nueva, where you can find old copies, there are several bookshops with a vintage flavour in the city.

One of those where you want to go in and lose yourself among the shelves and piles of books to find reading gems. For example, the Boulandier Bookshop, which is very close to the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and the Fine Arts Museum, at Juan de Ajuriaguerra 52. It couldn't be any more cultural.

This is a must-visit antiquarian bookshop specialising in books on travel, science and the Basque Country. The Librería Astarloa is in the heart of Bilbao, in the street that gives its name to a shop with books from past centuries, incunabula, posters, photographs, engravings, collectors' items and manuscripts. They love working with antiquity and have a shop full of interesting books at very affordable prices. If you are looking for old, rare and curious publications, as well as the aforementioned incunabula or very specific pieces, this bookshop is the ideal place. On their website, the inventory of books and collectibles is punctually updated with detailed descriptions and photographs of each product.


We recommend you visit these three bookshops where time seems to stand still

You can't miss the Librería Cámara on Calle Euskalduna 6. With more than 80 years of history, it has a very special charm. They say that it is, quite simply, the bookshop. With an exquisite personalised service, it is another of the ideal places to find very good books on all subjects and themes. It is, for many people from Bilbao, their bookshop of choice. Cámara is like an endangered species that survives and where presentations, workshops, concerts... The care that can be seen in every detail, such as the recommendations on small cards, its enormous cultural baggage or those armchairs and tables that lead to literary conversation, is outstanding. A must-visit.

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