Javier Hurtado presented Destination Euskadi in Paris


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The Regional Minister for Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs, Javier Hurtado, yesterday presented the Basque Country's tourism offer and the new "Euskadi Confidential" product to a large representation of French society and tourism agents in the country.

The Minister held a meeting with Frédéric Hocquard, head of tourism in the capital and deputy mayor of Paris. The agenda ended with a presentation and reception at the Spanish Embassy in Paris with a dinner at which the attendees were able to discover a selection of Basque gastronomy. The event was attended by the Ambassador, Victorio Redondo, the Director of Basquetour, Daniel Solana, and the Director of the Spanish Tourist Office in Paris, Mª José Gómez.

Presentation at the Spanish Embassy in Paris.
Presentation at the Spanish Embassy in Paris.

The Regional Minister Javier Hurtado stressed that the new offer is intended to have an impact on the strategy of deseasonalisation and the distribution throughout the territory of the traveller who comes to the Basque Country. "Our strategy is not an incrementalist race, but the recovery of figures is very important for the Basque tourism sector, which suffered the consequences of the pandemic on its business. The Basque Government's Department of Tourism is committed to the sustainability of Basque tourism and this is achieved, among other actions, with the deseasonalisation that is achieved with destination promotions such as this one".

The French market

The French outbound market is one of the preferred publics and one that has traditionally shown the greatest loyalty to tourism in the Basque Country. In fact, it is one of the markets that has grown the most this year with an increase of 18% in an overall growth of tourism in the Basque Country of 8% compared to the 2019 data prior to the pandemic.

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