All set for the final of the Rowing Championship

Barrenetxea IV and Urriza separating the material for the final.
Barrenetxea IV and Urriza separating the material for the final.

On Saturday 10 September, at the Galarreta fronton in Hernani, at 3.30 p.m., this exciting final of the Kutxabank Tournament Individual Rowing Championship will take place. A few days before, Barrenetxea IV and Uriza proceeded to the separation of materials, a very curious and little known tradition of this spectacular Basque sport.


Barrenetxea and Urriza separated the material that will face them both in the final of the Kutxabank Individual Rowing Championship. They chose six balls, three per pelotari, with similar characteristics according to the protagonists and one different one. The three balls of the hernaniarra defender are from the same batch, while one of Urriza's is "lower" according to Barrenetxea and "lower" to look for the rallies according to the Pamplona striker.


Barrenetxea was the first to separate the material. He separated three balls following the same guidelines as in the semi-final. "Two of the three I found quickly and the third took me a bit longer. I chose a ball as similar as possible to the one in the semi-finals. I didn't look for the liveliest balls. I wanted a ball that I liked, that let me play. In my opinion and in general I think it's the best ball to be able to play one-on-one without looking only at my interest. In previous years I was more focused on wanting to do damage with the serve and I would separate more lively balls with a higher bounce, but that's not my choice this year. Of his three balls one has seemed very low to me and the others more like mine".


On Saturday 10 September, at the Galarreta fronton court in Hernani, at 15:30h, this exciting final of the Kutxabank Tournament will take place

Something that Urriza corroborated in his statements. "This is the year in which the material will be more similar. Endika has chosen a slightly less bouncy material than other years. That means that he's confident in his rallies. We are both going to death to play our trump cards and if we are both good we can have a nice final for the spectacle. In principle, I'm looking for a ball that I feel comfortable with when rallying and bouncing and that doesn't go over the top easily. In the melee we will see who is more successful. The material is suitable for rallies. We'll see who's more aggressive, who's more accurate or who's ahead".

Don't lose:

Ana Mena during her performance in Garbera

Ana Mena, at the spectacular inauguration of the new Garbera

Garbera, following its philosophy of creating spectacular experiences for its clients, made a strong commitment to bring Ana Mena to inaugurate the new leisure and restaurant building.

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Endika Barrenetxea arrives focused and in better shape than in the group stage. "The final won't be tough, but it will be very tough. I'm physically and technically better than in the group match. Until the thirteenth goal it was a very even game. As always, no ball will be given away and I expect a long and hard-fought match".

Urriza arrives with a good feeling despite the setback of the blow he received against Juanenea. "I'm fresh and very happy to have reached another final. Before the championship I would have signed to get into the semi-finals and I got to the final by winning all the group matches. I am also aware that in the final I am expecting an Endika above the level of the group. He arrived well and I am ready to play. The details will decide the final and I'm ready".

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