More than 28,000 people visited Ekainberri last year


During 2023, 28,262 people visited Ekainberri and the Lili Palace. A total of 26,090 people visited Ekainberri, an increase of 5%. The month with the most visitors was April, with a total of 3,411 visitors, and the month with the fewest was September, with 1,211. Among men and women the figures are very similar, 52.60% of visitors were men and the remaining 47.40% were women. As for the dramatised visit "The honour of the Lili" which takes place in the Lili Palace, there were 2,172 visitors.


The Councillor for Culture, Cooperation, Youth and Sports, Goizane Álvarez, has expressed her satisfaction with the good results of these two cultural facilities, which have become a "must" for those who understand the value of a World Heritage site. From this it can be seen that, although the Ekain cave is closed, the paintings are still in perfect condition and that the presence of so many people to see them shows that the Ekainberri replica has fulfilled its function. Proof of the high level of satisfaction are the educational centres that repeat the visit every year, which is an example of the "wide and successful" didactic offer of Ekainberri.

For Álvarez, Ekain is the maximum world cultural expression of Basque culture, the only one that can be visited in Gipuzkoa, through Ekainberri, and it is "a treasure and well worth a visit". He said that with such an "important" heritage, the people of Gipuzkoa have a responsibility to conserve and protect Ekain and Ekainberri is a "unique" tool, which is also having an economic impact on the Territory, as well as Zestoa and the surrounding municipalities. And the Department of Culture of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa is involved in this "key" work.


He also pointed out that people want to know where they come from and why we are here and, without a doubt, Ekainberri not only allows us to appreciate the paintings and murals in Ekain, we can also learn how people painted 14,000 years ago, how they made fire, how they painted and the way they hunted. What's more, visitors can put into practice what they have seen and learnt in the workshop in the different areas into which it is divided: the area with paintings to create their own rock art, a corner to make fire with prehistoric techniques and a hunting route with hoes and propellers to test their hunting skills. This activity is offered all year round, from Tuesday to Sunday. Visits can be booked either at the ticket office 2 (Portale kalea 1, Zestoa - Tel: 943868811) or online.

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