Discover Bilbao with the Playmobil toys

expo sara cartel

The YIMBY space, in the Sota building, opens an exhibition of photography and some handcrafted objects by Sara Moreno. The peculiarity of this Bilbao photographer's work is that it features the famous Playmobil dolls that "pose" for the images in recognisable places in the capital. The exhibition can be visited until 3 May at Yimby Sota, Gran Vía nº45, 1st floor.

The collection shows the main characters, the Playmobil dolls, "as if they were just another Bilbao's people", in the words of their author, Sara Moreno, who adds: "Their colours and accessories give me enormous possibilities, but not everything is joy; with them I have realised that emotions such as nostalgia or melancholy can also be conveyed".

Thus, the famous dolls pose in front of the Guggenheim, on the La Salve bridge or on the Arenal bridge, among other very recognisable places in the town. There are around thirty works reproduced on feather cardboard, in different sizes, with prices ranging from 50 to 150 euros.


In addition, Sara Moreno will include in the exhibition some handmade objects such as earrings, coat hangers, or cotton bags, curiously also made with Playmobil or photographs that they star in.

The exhibition is free to visit and can be seen from Monday to Friday, between 9:00-19:00, subject to availability due to possible events.

Sara Moreno

"I am passionate about photography and one day I started photographing playmobil figurines in the centre of Bilbao, I registered the account @playmobil_vino_a_bilbao on Instagram, and here I am, undertaking this exciting project that I have called Saragrafías. I have already accumulated more than 500 of these tiny dolls and an infinite number of accessories, with which I have fun giving shape to the ideas and challenges that you propose to me every day. I create new scenes, I look for the perfect place for the next photo, I characterize and customize the playmobil to give them a closer resemblance to the character I'm looking for... Saragrafías (", Moreno explains.

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