Chillida Leku, a unique museum

Jardines de Chillida leku
Jardines de Chillida leku

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Chillida Leku is a unique museum, made in itself as a great work of art. In it the fusion between art and nature occurs in a natural way. The sculptures are integrated into the landscape as if they had always been part of it.

In the garden, beech, oak and magnolia trees coexist with the monumental steel and granite sculptures placed in perfect dialogue with the environment.

Chillida Leku
Chillida Leku

Forty sculptures

The Chillida Leku garden, with an extension of 11 hectares of land, houses more than forty sculptures of monumental size. Placed in a meditated way, the works dialogue with nature, but also generate a dialogue among themselves.

On the one hand, as soon as one enters, one finds the area of the field that in the primitive uses of the farmhouse was destined to pasture for the flocks.

Visita guiada por los jardines de Chillida Leku
Guided tour through the gardens of Chillida Leku

"I will carry it out without setting dates. I have started to save the work, but this wonderful farmhouse will not be a museum but the sign that I am from there. I don't want a reconstruction but to leave it firm and safe as it is to fill it with a contemporary structure: that today and yesterday can be seen".

- Eduardo Chillida

Zabalaga farmhouse

The sculptor restored the farmhouse while maintaining its traditional identity. When Chillida acquired the property, the building was practically in ruins.

On the outside, the farmhouse maintains its traditional appearance. Its mixed masonry walls alternate masonry and ashlars, specifically the ashlars can be seen around the openings.

In addition, the building preserves two triangular buttresses on both sides of the south facade. The building also maintains the wooden framework and the original coat of arms of the Zabalaga family carved on the north facade.

Interior de Zabalaga
Inside the Zabalaga

Chillida Leku

Barrio Jauregui 66      20120 Hernani

 Tel. 943 335 963

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