Exhibition “Ondarea”, a feminine vision of Biarritz


ONDAREA, "heritage" in Basque or the shared gaze of two women artists in their adopted land. A land anchored in its culture, intrinsically linked to mythology, the force of nature and its elements such as the sun, water, wind and mountains. A sea linked to its history, that of the whalers who set sail from Basque ports in the 16th century on long voyages.


A city, Biarritz, an empress adorned with architectural jewels of the Belle Epoque, a city between land and sea, looking towards the horizon.

Marion Vallerin's works are inspired by our collective memory. Here she pays homage to the elegant and creative Belle Epoque architecture of Biarritz, as well as to the neighbouring maritime landscape. Through an aesthetic characterised by bold colours in solid areas and contours, compositions and perspectives, her painted silks thus offer, through a colourful vibration, an imaginary architectural world whose vanishing point opens up horizons for us.

Aurélie Andrès takes us on a maritime voyage to meet mermaids, sailors, whales and birds through a series of works on canvas and wooden panels in different formats drawn from nature, inspired by Basque myths and legends of the world, as many paintings tell us a story. With her unique technique of tape that serves as a paintbrush, Aurélie is one of those artists with unlimited creativity who through her creations also highlights ecological issues.

dyptique 2

This duo of artists offers you, through their colourful universe and their singular pictorial technique, their vision of this Basque nature, strong and fragile at the same time, a heritage rich in stories.

They gently question our relationship with the world by following in the footsteps of man and nature, these forces of life that influence and respect each other.

LdG Art & Patrimoine

The exhibition by Marion Vallerin and Aurélie Andrès curated by LdG Art & Patrimoine will open on 20 October at the Duchatel Biarritz, 48, Avenue Édouard VII. Located under the arches of Lacombe, in the heart of Biarritz, facing the ocean waves, its large minimalist space gives prominence to noble materials, rosewood, stone, marble and stainless steel and expresses a vision of the world of luxury for fashion. It is also a showcase for pieces by local and international designers and creators. A place in total harmony with the history of Biarritz and its creativity.

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