Hizketa-ereduak, the easiest way of communicating in Basque

Euskal jaiak / fiestas vascas
Euskal jaiak / fiestas vascas

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Visitors to the Basque Country now have a new digital tool for communicating and learning more about the Basque language. A good way to share and enjoy your stay in the Basque Country.

Created by the Basque Government's Department of Education and Language Policy to ensure that the Basque language reaches all areas of society, this application, Hizketa-ereduak, brings together a series of dialogue models that we can use in our day-to-day lives in the Basque Country. Locals and visitors to the Basque Country can intuitively find proposals that may be useful, organised according to the circumstances.

This tool offers oral conversation patterns in Basque with their equivalents in Spanish, which can be used in different situations. They are patterns for conversations in Basque used in everyday life: at work, in the street, in the hotel, in social relations or in any other situation. This work has been approved by the Terminology Commission of the Basque Language Advisory Council.


Greetings, tourist information, prices and quantities, the menu of a restaurant, numbers, currency exchange, how to be served in shops or simply some polite phrases that will help us to communicate better during our stay in the Basque Country.


Usual conversations

in Spanish and Basque

also available for

those who visit us

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