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31 hours of travelling from Errenteria to Bali (Indonesia), compared to 18 minutes and 18 seconds of music: that was the challenge successfully overcome by Landarbaso Abesbatza on Tuesday. The Basque choir, conducted by Iñaki Tolaretxipi, won the 2nd Asia Choral Grand Prix and thus became the first Basque and Spanish choir to win a choral Grand Prix, and the first European choir to win this competition in Asia.

Landarbaso Abesbatza

The competition was held at the Giri Nata Mandala in Bali, a huge auditorium that opened in 2019 and has difficult acoustics for choral singing. Due to the large size of the stage, one of the biggest difficulties was for the music to reach the audience and, in particular, the international jury. The power and quality of the choir were undoubtedly decisive factors in the victory of the Coroerrenteriarra.

Five other groups took part in the competition, all of them winners of the most important competitions on the Asian circuit. Curiously, Landarbaso Abesbatza has coincided in two works, 'Lay a Garland' by the English Robert Pearsal and 'Atsalums' by the Latvian Jekabs Jancevskis, with the choirs Far Eastern University Choralede Philippines and PSM Swara Wadhana UNY from Indonesia. Although comparisons can be odious, on this occasion they were in favour of the Tolaretxipi choir.

The awards ceremony was held at the paradisiacal Kartika Plaza Hotel, in a gala that served both as the closing ceremony for the 2nd Asia Grand Prix and the opening of the 12th Bali Choral International Festival. Landarbaso Abesbatza will participate in this competition in the categories of mixed choirs, folklore and sacred music. We hope to be able to communicate more good news soon.

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