Iñigo Aristegui, hugs to gift

Iñigo Aristegui junto a una de sus obras en el Kursaal
Iñigo Aristegui junto a una de sus obras en el Kursaal

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"Inspiration is the sum of many elements, knowledge and studies," says this creative artist from San Sebastian, whose large-format work, "Los abrazos", can be seen next to the María Cristina Hotel in San Sebastián.

To begin with... tell us a little about your life and your work.

My childhood memories are always creating or drawing. I am a graduate in applied arts, I expand my knowledge in different artistic workshops. I approach contemporary minimalism. The three dimensions, sculpture, is the link that fills me the most to express my thoughts. Hugs, caresses, bays, sports such as rowing, golf, tennis...

Where do you find inspiration when you create?

I think inspiration is a sum of many elements, knowledge and studies. I enjoy researching different fields: history, physics, geology, mythology and sociology. Inspiration is also having "spark" and that little bit of craziness to give free rein to the imagination. Edgard Alan Poe said "I am a madman with horrible intervals of sanity". All my works are very meditated.

What materials do you mainly work with?

I make graphite drawings, paintings with acrylics, paper pulp, cardboard collages, sand, wicker, rope and material elements. The sculptures are mainly made of oak, beech, soft iron, corten steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Detalle del estudio
Detail of the study
Iñigo en su estudio
Iñigo in his study

Where can I see your work?

I have a studio/shop in the Old Part of San Sebastian, where you can see and buy my work. Graphics, collages, original sands from 20 € to small and large format sculptures. Among the monumental works, "Los pescadores" is an emblematic sculpture of San Sebastian that can be seen on the outside of the second floor of the Bar Atari, in front of the Basilica Santa Maria de la Parte Vieja.

Detalle de una de sus creaciones


Calle Mari, 13 – Bajo   20003 – Donostia-San Sebastián

943 431 375 – 627 462 709

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