Journey to the city of the 11th century: medieval wall of Vitoria-Gasteiz

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Vitoria-Gasteiz had three walls throughout its history. Two sections of the oldest, dating from the 11th century, have been recovered: In the first, next to the Escoriaza-Esquivel Palace, an intervention was carried out in the 1960s in the Lombard style. The restoration of the second section, between the church of San Miguel and the Olave refrigerator, is more modern.

With the second section, a wooden structure was added to the medieval wall until it reached the original height of the wall. This has resulted in a walkway-viewpoint that corresponds to the old walkway. This project received a special mention in the Europa Nostra awards.


Pay special attention to...

  1. The Rincón del Silencio, between the viewpoint of the wall and the Villa Suso Palace, includes posts with phrases by Mario Benedetti about forgetting and memory.
  2. The Olave icebox, located on the same stretch, was used to supply ice to the city in the 19th century.
  3. The mural 'The shortest night', located in the Jardín de la Muralla, with access from the Cantón de las Carnicerías.
  4. The remains of the second wall, from the 13th century, in the Church of San Pedro. On its walls you can see battlements and arrow slits from this second defensive system, built after the enlargement of the medieval city to the west.

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