The 23rd edition of ‘Bilboko Kalealdia’ floods Bilbao with culture

The Festival de Teatro y de las Artes de la Calle - BILBOKO KALEALDIA starts this Monday 27th, its edition with more programming. This new edition, organised by the Bilbao City Council, will last until Saturday 2nd July and will bring 33 high quality circus, dance, theatre and clown shows to the city, which can be enjoyed over six days of programming.

BILBOKO KALEALDIA will have a large international presence in this 23rd edition after two editions in which it had to be reduced due to the pandemic. 10 companies will travel from different parts of Europe to the Biscayan capital so that Bilbainas and Bilbainos can enjoy shows that do not usually stop in the city: Chris Iris (Germany); Das Arnak (France); Keep Company (France); Le Piano Du Lac (France / Asturias); Les Malles Cie. (Switzerland); Les Rustines De L'ange (France); Nicole & Martin (Switzerland); Ô Quel Dommage Cie. (Belgium); Panorama Kino Theatre (Switzerland); and Tobia Circus (Italy); as well as the Brassass company from Argentina.

2020 edition
2020 edition

12 basque companies

A large part of this rich and diverse programme will come from local cultural agents. As part of the cultural strategy, Bilbao City Council is once again opening the doors of its programme to Basque companies that will be able to use the different stages in the city as a showcase to share their work with all those who come to see it.

Thus, from 27 June to 2 July, it will be possible to enjoy the proposals of Dantzaz; Ertza; Hika Teatroa & Oinkari Dantza Taldea; Hortzmuga Teatroa & Deabru Beltzak; La Trapecionista Cía; Mystérieuses Coiffures; Panpotx Kultur Elkartea; the Municipal Band of Bilbao; Trakamatraka; and Zirkozaurre.

With these companies, those who come to the different venues of Bilboko Kalealdia will be able to enjoy dance, street theatre, music, clown or artistic installations.

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