Laboratorium Bergara, a must-see

Exterior del museo
Exterior del museo

Bergara is the cradle of science in Euskadi and it was there that Wolframio was discovered. In addition to visiting its monumental historic center, we recommend discovering the Lobaratorium.

The town of Bergara nestles among lush green mountains in the Debagoiena region of Gipuzkoa. The town's old quarter, one of the best-preserved in the Basque Country, boasts a number of noteworthy churches and buildings. Guided tours are available at the local tourist office. Internationally recognised Basque cuisine is another of the town's attractions.


Bergara, cradle of science

Outside the town, ther are plenty of green spaces and outdoor activities worth exploring. Higlights include horse riding and the green belt that surrounds the city. Bergara is also known as the Basque cradle of science. It was here that the chemical element tungsten was discovered by the Elhuyar brothers in 1783. The European Physical Society recently designated the town an EPS Historic Site in recognition of the feat that puts Bergara on the international map of science.


Laboratorium Bergara

Juan Irazabal Pasealekua, 1, 20570 Bergara

943 76 90 03

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