The first stone is laid for the extension of the Fine Arts Museum


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The Mayor of Bilbao, Juan Mari Aburto; the Councillor for Culture, Bingen Zupiria; and the Deputy for Culture, Lorea Bilbao, introduced the diaries. The President of the BBK Foundation, Xabier Sagredo, was responsible for inserting the coins and two members of the Association of Friends of the Museum introduced the metal capsule into the green space between the glass façade and the walkway of Doña Casilda Park.


"It is always a pleasure to return to Bilbao, and even more so on this occasion, because the moment when a project is launched is always very significant. I remember when I came to see the museum to present my proposal, I found the main door closed -the one facing Plaza Euskadi- and a sign telling me to go around the building to enter. It didn't make sense", Foster said. This was his first clue: the old entrance had to be made meaningful again.

He highlighted the "new opportunities for exhibitions" with the six-metre-high Great Hall that his intervention will bring, and said that "70% of the pre-existing spaces will be substantially improved". He also referred to the sustainability of the museum, whose new roof will be fitted with solar panels to provide energy. "Recycling the existing buildings, which is what we are proposing to do, is a decisive way of being sustainable", he added.


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