Will Otxoa go from fairy to pensioner?

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Presentation of "Agur, Otxoa feroz!" in Bilbao.

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La Otxoa is retiring from the stage. It is his wish, but something will make it impossible for him to hang up his wig for good. All the characters that have been part of José Antonio's life come back to perform for him during this evening. His family, his loves, his friends and his enemies come back to remember his biography. In the Sala BBK.


Four actors review her life on stage, while La Otxoa recalls the musical themes that have accompanied her in her career before saying goodbye to the stage for the last time, but she does not show up for the final show. But she doesn't show up for the final show. Will they finally manage to find her and get her to her last performance? Will she manage to go from being a fairy to a pensioner?


Cantante de todos los orgullos de Bilbao,

poeta de tacón y peluca,

juglar de lentejuelas,

pregonero de franquezas

y reina de la noche.

Se liberó en 1979

durante unas fiestas en Bilbao

y despejó la opresión de muchos otros.

De nombre Jose Antonio;

de apellido, la Otxoa.

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