Saint – Esprit, the Candem Town of Bayonne


Situated on the right bank of the Adour, Saint-Esprit is one of Bayonne's most endearing districts. Before the arrival of second-hand clothes, the Saint-Esprit district has, throughout its history, forged a strong identity which it owes to its past as an "autonomous" district and to its inhabitants. It is in this district, for example, that master chocolatiers of Sephardic origin settled here in the 17th century to showcase their know-how and the flavours of their cocoa drinks. Already, at the time, this district marked its difference and its originality... This is an information from

Since then, Saint Esprit has symbolised the diversity of the Bayonnais and is constantly evolving, with a real metamorphosis at its heart in recent years!


A dynamic and friendly neighbourhood

Urban development projects and the efforts of the neighbourhood's inhabitants have contributed to restoring its image and giving it a new lease of life. With its breathtaking view of Bayonne and the development of the Adour quays, the renovation of the station and the beautification of rue Ste Catherine, the construction of free car parks, free buses and shuttles and the dynamism shown by the district's traders and residents. Saint-Esprit is rising from the ashes and becoming a neighbourhood where life is really good.

Step out of the old-fashioned and insecure face of the district, give way to the dynamism and creativity of its inhabitants with welcoming and up-to-date boutiques, artisans and restaurateurs! Rue Ste Catherine is full of young businesses, and what could be more fashionable at the moment than second-hand and vintage shops? For some time now, the Quartier Saint-Esprit has become the second-hand clothing district in Bayonne with Le Triangle de la Fripe... And we love it!


Dynamism, young companies,

restaurants, and second-hand

clothes, the chicest!

Because yes, second-hand clothes are chic! And second-hand shops, we love them because they allow us to find timeless styles, update unlikely looks and give us the chance to unearth treasures at totally unbelievable prices! With fashion always inspired by the past, vintage is, more than ever, a trend that shouldn't be overlooked ... And that's a good thing, it doesn't hurt our wallet!

What's more, on an ethical level, what better form of sustainable development than giving a second life to deserving garments and accessories!

You can't lose:

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The charm of the Basque Coast

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