Lurrama, the sustainable agricultural fair in Biarritz

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Women livestock breeders and farmers will be the focus of this edition of the Lurrama fair, specifically dedicated to the Franche-Comté region. In Halle d'Iraty, Biarritz, from 10 to 12 November. Not to be missed if you like and appreciate sustainable nature.


The aim of this fair is to promote sustainable agriculture, respectful of people and nature. Thanks to the work of hundreds of volunteers, Lurrama invites you to share a friendly moment with family or friends.

In addition to other activities, during the three days of the fair you will be able to shop at the Lurrama farmers' market and meet 50 producers who work the land with respect to offer the best products.


What is sustainable agriculture?

6 cross-cutting aspects allow us to understand a farm, both in its totality and in each of its dimensions. They are as many objectives that each farmer can strive for, at his own pace and according to the immediate reality around him:

Autonomy in decision-making, economic, technical, financial and energy.

Distribution of production volume by asset.

Transferability, value of the production tool, economic viability, habitability, adaptability, land security.

Working with nature, fertilisation and management of phytosanitary products, biodiversity, spatial management.

Product quality, production and processing methods, taste quality, transparency, respect for natural cycles.

Local development and territorial dynamics, job creation, territorial development, involvement in local life, collective form of production and marketing.

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