Madrid celebrates Basque gastronomy at the Financial Club

Dinner at the Club Financiero Génova, in Madrid.
Dinner at the Club Financiero Génova, in Madrid.

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Heirs to a cuisine that is an international benchmark, this is a group of chefs, including Roberto Ruiz (HIKA), Pili Manterola (Iribar), Xabier Gorrotxategi (Casa Julián), Ismael Iglesias (Rita), Paolo Herranz (Elkano Txiki), Paul Arrillaga (Zazpi), Gorka Txapartegi (Alameda), Pablo Loureiro (Casa Urola), Jon Ayala (Laia), Gorka Rico (AMA), Ismael Iglesias (Rita), Paolo Herranz (Casa Urola), Paul Arrillaga (Zazpi), Gorka Txapartegi (Alameda), Pablo Loureiro (Casa Urola), Jon Ayala (Laia), Gorka Rico (AMA), Enrique Fleischmann (Bailara) and Juan Carlos Caro (Zelai Txiki), who presented their creations and new approaches together with the host Nino Redruello.


The dinner offered by Mahaia was held in the gastronomic space of the Club Financiero Génova, in Madrid. Some of the dishes tasted by the diners were: Bean cream with Ibarra chilli, Bonito with piperrada, Kokotxas de bacalao al pil pil, Taco de Txuleta, Buñuelo de caza con rillete de pichón y escabeche caliente, Txangurro, puerro y jengibre (spider crab, leek and ginger), Txipiron Kaia zaharra with iodised broth, Ajoarriero de bogavante y bacalao, Lomo de oveja y pan Idiazabal, Tarta de manzana con helado de miel y garrapiñado de nueces, Bombón de txakoli. The wine pairing was done with Basque Wine.

Mahaia is a collective made up of 21 chefs committed to the evolution of Basque cuisine who have understood that Basque culture and traditions represent an important asset for innovation in products and elaborations, and also that it is necessary to remain open to and enriched by new voices and visions. Mahaia was formed in 2021 thanks to the impetus of the Basque Government, with the support of the Basque Culinary Center. This group of chefs have come together, aware that they are receiving the legacy of the legends of Basque cuisine to work for the future and the continuity of Basque cuisine as a reference point.


Mantala Basque Gastronomy

Mantala Basque Gastronomy is an initiative whose mission is to promote and develop Basque gastronomy by encouraging the exchange of knowledge and co-creation. Mantala is promoted by the Basque Culinary Center and Hazi Fundazioa in collaboration with different public and private agents. Understanding that today more than ever, given the challenges that the future holds, it is essential to continue to maintain the positioning of Basque gastronomy in the world, different contents and projects based on knowledge, research and gastronomic collaboration are proposed.


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