Topa Araba promotes Alavese wines in Bizkaia


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The 'Topa Araba' programme to promote Rioja Alavesa wines in Bizkaia closes its first edition with more than 2,400 participants. Its promoters, Fundación Vital and the Provincial Council of Alava, have organised nine itinerant activities in municipalities such as Bilbao, Lekeitio, Amorebieta, Gernika, Santurtzi and Getxo.

Over the past year, these itinerant promotional activities related to the wines of Alava have offered activities for different audiences throughout the past year -nine weeks in nine venues- in such a way that they have become a great unified cultural and oenological event.

The initiative, promoted by Fundación Vital and the Álava Provincial Council with the collaboration of ABRA, has thus sought to give a twist to the traditional promotion of wines, opting to generate leisure and entertainment spaces for the dissemination of the message. In this way, the range of audiences has been opened up: from young adults who are looking for experiences rather than promotions, the public who already know the product or families, to professionals from the hotel and catering industry linked to the world of wine.

It has also tried to ensure that Rioja Alavesa wines are and are felt by consumers and restaurateurs throughout the Basque Country as their own and as an essential part of the gastronomic heritage.


Jon Urresti, president of the Vital Foundations, stressed that "the key to the success of this first edition has been to focus our efforts on creating a loyal consumption of Alavese wines. We have opted to offer participative and entertaining activities aimed at all audiences so that consumers themselves are the ones who drive the demand for Rioja Alavesa wine after learning about and appreciating its unique characteristics".

The deputy general of Alava, Ramiro González, has highlighted the value of this initiative and its results. "We have taken another step forward in bringing Rioja Alavesa wine closer to Bizkaia. A new way of showing an excellent product to the public, with actions that go far beyond the tastings and that have had a great response in all the days. We will continue to work to ensure that Rioja Alavesa wines are known, valued and supported in our surroundings", he said.

A total of 36 different wines from 12 wineries were tasted.

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