V. tomato week of Aretxabaleta 2021

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The tomato from Aretxabaleta is really appreciated. In the last week of August it won two prizes in Cantabria. Prize at the Eternal Tomato Fair in Santa Cruz de Bezana and the State Prize at the Tomato Festival in Torrelavega. The fifth Aretxabaleta tomato week will take place from 6 to 12 September.

The aim is to promote gastronomic tourism based on local products and collaboration between different agents to create a tourist offer based on local heritage outside the high seasons. On this occasion, the aim is to raise awareness of the Aretxabaleta tomato and to this end, activities aimed at all ages are being organised.

As part of the programme, on 9 September we will be learning about the Aretxabaleta tomato and its history. At 18:30 in ARKUPE there will be a talk on Learning for the conservation of the biodiversity worked on.

On Sunday 12th September a special market has been organised around the tomato and at the fair that will take place from 11am in Durana Street there will be different stalls to buy Aretxabaleta tomatoes, seeds, ...

Cartel oficial
Cartel oficial

On the other hand, a popular tomato exhibition has also been organised and the competition to choose the ugliest tomato will also be held. It should be remembered that anyone who is pre-registered can take part in the popular tomato exhibition. The prizes for the different competitions will also be awarded.

Finally, there will be tomato tasting in the pintxo route organised in the 7 bars of Aretxabaleta.

The Department of Tourism of the Mancomunidad del Alto Deba, the Deba Garaia Rural Development Association and the Aretxabaleta Town Council are the organisers of the activity, with the collaboration of the Basque Government Department of Tourism and the Department of Tourism of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. It is worth mentioning the participation of the herriko taverns.

For more information and pre-registration:

turismo@debagoiena.eus      T.: 943 79 64 63      www.turismodebagoiena.eus

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